Small-scale support, big impact

We measure impact through our regular monitoring program and with our bi-annual health campaigns. In the monitor we grade the visible results and impact of each family and school, zooming in on the harvest, consumption and hygiene. During the health campaign we assess the hemoglobin and anemia levels of the school children.

In numbers:

In 2021 Por Eso! works at 37 schools in 33 communities. 1,200 families are proud  owners of a vegetable garden and improved with us their housing.

  • 565 families have made home improvements and are cooking in smoke-free kitchens
  •  232 families have an eco-friendly fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • 323 families have a beautiful vegetable garden next to their house and are eligible for their own greenhouse
  • 133 families own and are using their own family greenhouse
  • 107 water reservoirs have been built
  • Over 50 families sell vegetables at the local market